WECAN has been my home since I was 5. My father died when I was very young and my illiterate poverty stricken mother enrolled me here. My days here at WECAN were the happiest of my life. I received full education which later helped me acquire a job at Mumbra after my husband deserted us - my 5 year old child and me. In 1994, I came back to WECAN to work as supervisor where I look after the resident girls.

Dilnawaz Bhurjee

Since 1938 the D. M. Girls Orphanage Trust has been continually working to uplift underprivileged (poor and orphan) girls.

Its primary focus is to provide housing and boarding and basic education to these girls.

The Vocational Center, WECAN, established in 2000, offers advanced career training specializing in vocational skills such as computers, fashion technology, catering and health care.

The recently inaugurated renovated orphanage building has
  • 200 boarding girls
  • Dining hall and kitchen
  • Computer center with 50 stations
  • Classrooms for students up to 1200
  • Recreation Room
  • Playground
  • Offices
  • Catering facility
  • General Multimedia Hall
  • Library

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