WECAN has been my home since I was 5. My father died when I was very young and my illiterate poverty stricken mother enrolled me here. My days here at WECAN were the happiest of my life. I received full education which later helped me acquire a job at Mumbra after my husband deserted us - my 5 year old child and me. In 1994, I came back to WECAN to work as supervisor where I look after the resident girls.

Dilnawaz Bhurjee

The D. M. Girls Orphanage Trust was established in 1938 to start an orphanage for girls and to provide primary, secondary and technical education. To pursue these objectives, the Trust set-up the orphanage at Fort Road, Mahim, Mumbai in 1940.

In the beginning, the orphanage housed 5 girls until 1958 and thereafter underwent a major reorganization and its capacity increased to accommodate over 100 girls.

The trust was in debt until 1958 when Mr E U Botawala stepped in to help the Trust overcome its financial difficulties.

The orphanage was housed in 3 buildings. The larger one (which is more than 12000sqft) was used for lodging and boarding the girls. The smaller ones (approx 10000sqft) were used as office, dispensary, study rooms, prayer rooms, sewing and embroidery classes.

In 1994, the Trustees considered the larger building which was more than hundred years old unsafe.

In 1998, the building collapsed and was rebuilt to the present comfortable conditions.