WECAN has been my home since I was 5. My father died when I was very young and my illiterate poverty stricken mother enrolled me here. My days here at WECAN were the happiest of my life. I received full education which later helped me acquire a job at Mumbra after my husband deserted us - my 5 year old child and me. In 1994, I came back to WECAN to work as supervisor where I look after the resident girls.

Dilnawaz Bhurjee

Specific Need Area Requirements
Orphanage section Clothes
Soaps, oil
30 Lockers
57 fans
Plastic baskets
Waste paper bins
Kitchen Pots and Pans
6 Sunflame Cookers
3 Fridges
1 Deep Freezer
Laminate for Kitchen cabinets
Plastic for kitchen use
Plates, Vessels, Cutlery etc
Drama Lighting for the theatre
Speakers and main lights hire
Computers & technology 20 Computers
Wires etc
Educational material